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April 20, 2020

Responsible Battery Coalition Announces New Members in Earth Day Celebration

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April 20, 2020 – Responsible Battery Coalition


MILWAUKEE – The Responsible Battery Coalition (RBC or Coalition) — a leading coalition of companies, academics and organizations dedicated to the responsible management and environmental sustainability of batteries, announced today significant expansions to its growing membership of industry leaders as the world prepares to celebrate Earth Day. Joining the RBC and adding to the momentum of the Coalition’s work to create a sustainable, closed loop battery recycling system are Environmental Restoration, LLC, and Li-Cycle.


RBC’s primary focus is the advancement of responsible production, transport, sale, use, reuse, recycling, and resource recovery of transportation, industrial and stationary batteries and other energy storage devices, regardless of technology — all vital parts of minimizing the environmental impact of batteries and bettering the planet for tomorrow.


“The responsible management and recycling of batteries continues to be a focus of many major organizations and companies, and is the passion of RBC members,” said Steve Christensen, executive director of the RBC. “We’re excited to welcome new members to our growing organization, and to continue our work in advancing the responsible use of energy storage devices.”


Environmental Restoration, which will also serve as an RBC board member, is a provider of cost-effective hazardous waste material management and removal services with 24 nationwide locations. Li-Cycle is a full-service provider of recycling solutions for all types of lithium-ion batteries including logistics management and resource recovery. Both companies bring unique visions and vital expertise to the RBC.


“For over 20 years, Environmental Restoration teams have been focused on the responsible management and removal of hazardous waste materials for federal/state/local government agencies and commercial clients. ER is dedicated to leading the way for conservation and environmental protection related to the responsible manufacturing, transportation, use, reuse, and recycling or disposal of batteries,” said Tim Tarwater, battery recycling program manager at Environmental Restoration, LLC. “We’re excited to be joining the Responsible Battery Coalition and working with other leading stakeholders to further their efforts in the responsible life-cycle management of all batteries and creating a sustainable, closed-loop recycling system for the batteries of today and tomorrow.”


“Li-Cycle is pleased to be joining the Responsible Battery Coalition and is committed to working collectively with other members to help build a sustainable global lithium-ion battery supply chain,” said Ajay Kochhar, president and CEO, Li-Cycle. “As rechargeable lithium-ion batteries continue to electrify our world in all parts of life – from vehicles to consumer devices – it is critical to have a coalition to promote best practices for managing batteries throughout their lifecycle.”


As the Responsible Battery Coalition enters its third year, this membership growth reaffirms that its initiatives, such as the 2 Million Battery Challenge, Backhaul Alaska, research with leading academic and scientific institutions — including the development of Green Principles for electric vehicle battery management — are steps in the right direction as the organization works to promote battery life-cycle management regardless of technology.


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About the Responsible Battery Coalition

The RBC is a coalition of companies, academics, and organizations committed to the responsible management of the batteries of today and tomorrow. Members include: Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, Clarios, Club Car, Environmental Restoration, FedEx, Ford Motor Company, Honda, LafargeHolcim, Li-Cycle, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Renova Energy, Terracycle, Walmart. RBC was created in April 2017 to advance the responsible production, transport, sale, use, reuse, recycling and resource recovery of transportation, industrial and stationary batteries and other energy storage devices. For more information:


About Environmental Restoration, LLC

Environmental Restoration, LLC (ERLLC) is the US EPA’s largest Emergency Rapid Response Services contractor. Our government services include Emergency Response, Disaster Response, and Environmental Remediation/Removal/Construction. Our commercial client services include emergency and disaster response, and a wide variety of Industrial services. Since 1997, ERLLC has performed over 5,000 projects involving hazardous materials, ranging from a simple drum removal to large scale remediation projects of contaminated residential properties, mine reclamation actions or abandoned manufacturing facilities, requiring removal or treatment of thousands of tons of contaminated soil and environmental pollutants. During this same period, ERLLC has grown from one office location, our corporate headquarters in St. Louis MO, to 24 regional offices strategically located across the country. For more information, please visit:


About Li-Cycle Corp.

Li-Cycle Corp. (Li-Cycle) is on a mission to leverage its innovative technology to provide a customer-centric end-of-life solution for lithium-ion batteries and create a secondary supply of critical battery materials. Li-Cycle Technology™ is an economically viable, safe, and environmentally friendly process that can recycle all types of lithium-ion batteries. It can do so with an unparalleled recovery rate of 80-100% of all materials. The company’s industry-leading processing technologies uniquely position it to be a key player in supporting the growing international movement towards zero carbon technologies and creation of a circular economy for lithium-ion batteries. For more information, please visit: