Delivering value through recovered materials and process innovation.

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Spoke products

At Li-Cycle’s Spokes, lithium-ion batteries of all formats, chemistries and states of charge are processed through a mechanical process. This process breaks down the batteries to inert materials that minimize the risk of fire or explosion, and subsequently separates the resulting materials into two main product lines: battery materials (black mass) and mixed copper/aluminum.

Black Mass
Battery materials (black mass)

The Spoke produces a product that consists of a mix of cathode and anode battery materials, including lithium, nickel and cobalt, as well as graphite, copper and aluminum.

Copper, aluminum, iron - mixture
Mixed copper/aluminum

The Spoke produces copper and aluminum metals from the processing of lithium-ion batteries. These are primarily made up of the foils found within the lithium-ion batteries.


Hub products

At Li-Cycle’s Hub, battery materials (black mass) are expected to be run through the hydrometallurgical circuit to produce critical battery materials, including battery-grade lithium carbonate. By re-inserting the Hub products back into the lithium-ion battery supply chain, Li-Cycle effectively closes the loop between the end-of-life and manufacturing phases in both an environmentally and economically sustainable manner.