A unique and dependable approach to solving the global battery recycling problem.


Here’s how it works

Our proprietary Spoke & Hub Technologies use a combination of safe mechanical size reduction and hydrometallurgical resource recovery specifically designed for lithium-ion battery recycling.

Safe mechanical size reduction


All types of lithium-ion batteries are transformed from a charged state to an inert product in a safe and efficient manner.

Minimal solid and liquid waste

Hydrometallurgical Processing


Cathode and anode materials are processed into battery grade end-products for reuse in lithium-ion battery production or other applications in the broader economy.

Produces battery grade lithium, nickel, cobalt and more

Our innovative technology and a sustainable future.

By solving the global end-of-lifecycle lithium-ion battery problem, we create a secondary supply to both meet the demand for critical battery materials and ensure a sustainable future for our planet.

Placing a battery in recycling receptacle - animated
Validated and scalable

Li-Cycle’s commercial plants across North America and Europe have provided important validation of our Spoke & Hub Technologies, as well as confirmation of its scalability to a commercial level.

Safe and sustainable

Our patented technology allows for the safe processing of all lithium-ion batteries without any landfill waste, minimal GHGs, and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Economically viable

Driven by unparalleled recovery rates, Li-Cycle’s Spoke & Hub Technologies are an economically viable lithium-ion resource recovery solution, enabling commercialization and supporting the global transition toward electrification.

High quality end products

In alignment with our core value proposition, Li-Cycle has demonstrated and produced battery-grade end-products generated through our advanced lithium-ion battery recycling and resource recovery technology.