Corporate Social Responsibility

Doing our part
for a cleaner planet.

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Taking Responsibility

At Li-Cycle, we are committed to doing our part to create a safer, cleaner, and healthier world.

Corporate Social Responsibility is core to who Li-Cycle is across all teams and disciplines. We strive to create a truly closed-loop lithium-ion battery supply chain to address global challenges. Our unparalleled resource recovery rates uphold the highest standards in safety and environmental sustainability, providing a cleaner, more ethical method of producing critical finite battery materials than the mining industry. Li-Cycle’s Integrated Business Policy encompasses all environmental, health & safety, and quality best practices.



  • checkmark Maintain zero waste diversion to landfill
  • checkmark No wastewater production from our processes
  • checkmark No direct emissions and substantial net environmental benefits via indirect greenhouse gas emissions reduction
  • checkmark Collaboration across the supply chain to implement the highest environmental standards
  • checkmark Corporate commitment to sustainability

Social Responsibility

  • checkmark Diverting lithium-ion batteries from landfill to sustainable resource recovery
  • checkmark Creating ethical sourcing opportunities through secondary resources
  • checkmark Electrification of operational processes
  • checkmark Local community engagement, including Fill it Forward and giving back campaigns

Diversity, Inclusion and Labour Practices

  • checkmark Maintaining a healthy and safe workplace for all employees and stakeholders
  • checkmark Encouraging employee engagement in health and wellness initiatives
  • checkmark Supporting a diverse work environment, as well as the fair treatment of all employees
  • checkmark Minimal lost time injury (LTI)

Our Certifications [Mississauga, Kingston & Rochester]

Sustainability Partners

Sustainability Awards and Recognition

How we’re helping

Impact Stories.

Li-Cycle rallies employees to join in the fight against cancer

Li-Cycle rallies employees to join in the fight against cancer

May 9, 2021

Every spring, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) Daffodil Campaign rallies Canadians to support and remember those affected by cancer. Nearly half of all Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in…

Li-Cycle’s website goes green

Li-Cycle’s website goes green

April 1, 2021

At Li-Cycle, we take pride in our net environmental benefits by not producing any direct emissions, wastewater, or landfill. Naturally, the next step in our commitment to environmental stewardship was…

Women in Cleantech & Sustainability memberships gifted to Li-Cycle team for International Women’s Day 2021

Women in Cleantech & Sustainability memberships gifted to Li-Cycle team for International Women’s Day 2021

March 8, 2021

Li-Cycle celebrated International Women’s Day by providing employees with a membership to Women in Cleantech & Sustainability (WCS). A nonprofit, global organization made up of almost 3,000 professionals, WCS fosters…

Li-Cycle’s 2020 Holiday Giving Back Campaign

Li-Cycle’s 2020 Holiday Giving Back Campaign

February 11, 2021

Food banks across Canada and the U.S. saw a rapid surge in demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, even before the negative effects of the pandemic were felt, Li-Cycle…

Li-Cycle’s Strategic Partnership with Fill it Forward

Li-Cycle’s Strategic Partnership with Fill it Forward

February 11, 2021

Li-Cycle is committed to creating a safer, cleaner and healthier planet. We pride ourselves on our sustainable operations and on our ability to maintain a zero-waste diversion to landfills. To…

Core Values

Li-Cycle’s core values reflect the principles that guide how we operate.

We believe in empowering high performing employees to take ownership of their positions, build up their fellow team members, and create a workplace culture of excellence. We take pride in everything we do and refuse to compromise quality as we push towards creating long-lasting, meaningful change in accordance with our company’s mission.


Firm commitment to environmental sustainability

Industry-leading standards in health and safety

Results-driven workplace that values excellence

Detail-oriented but big picture aware


Guiding Principles

The Li-Cycle team believes that success is driven by collaboration with partners across the value chain to implement proprietary technologies with the highest environmental standards.

Li-Cycle is committed to transforming the lithium-ion battery supply chain into a truly circular and sustainable closed-loop system. In turn, we support a sustainable global transition to electrification by reducing greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and ensuring that electric vehicles and green energy have a truly positive environmental impact over their entire lifecycle.