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August 25, 2019

Three factors for success in lithium-ion recycling

Kunal Phalpher
Original interview with Phalpher on Kitco News.

August 25, 2019 – Michael McCrae

Success in the lithium-ion recycling business requires companies to develop a low-cost processing technology while paying attention to the logistics, said Kunal Phalpher, chief commercial officer of Li-Cycle.

Kitco interview Phalpher in early August. Li-cycle is a business based in Ontario focused on developing lithium-ion recycling technology.

“Right now we are just at the tipping point of large-scale deployment of lithium-ion batteries,” said Phalpher.

Li-cycle is trying to process lithium-ion batteries safely, at a low cost while minimizing transport.

“The challenge is to have a number of processing facilities or spokes close to the battery supply and limit the liability from the transport of dangerous goods.”