Li-Cycle’s Strategic Partnership with Fill it Forward

February 11, 2021

Li-Cycle’s Strategic Partnership with Fill it Forward

Li-Cycle is committed to creating a safer, cleaner and healthier planet. We pride ourselves on our sustainable operations and on our ability to maintain a zero-waste diversion to landfills.

To further our sustainability efforts, Li-Cycle has partnered with Fill it Forward to address global waste and clean water issues by gifting our employees with a scannable, reusable water bottle that helps to ensure we’re working together to reduce single-use plastics.

Through our Fill it Forward partnership, each of our team members have access to Li-Cycle’s page on the Fill it Forward app. Using the app, we can track our team’s overall environmental impact, our chosen clean water giving project, and even our personal hydration for general health and wellness.

Every time these water bottles are refilled – and the integrated codes are scanned with the app – Fill it Forward makes a donation to a trusted charitable partner. These partners specialize in developing clean water infrastructure for First Nations, Columbian, East African, American and other communities around the world.

Not only is our Li-Cycle team staying hydrated and eliminating plastic waste through this initiative, but the program helps to provide individuals in need with access to clean water, sanitation, proper hygiene, and education around the world.