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July 24, 2017

Li-Cycle featured in Financial Times article

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Original article published in Financial Times

The Mutanda copper-cobalt mine, Democratic Republic of the Congo (Source: Youtube)

“Electric car growth sparks environmental concerns”

Li-Cycle has been featured in a Financial Times article focused on the environmental impacts of the growth of the electric vehicle industry. An excerpt including reference to Li-Cycle is provided below:

“To offset the environmental impact of mining there will have to be a large build out in recycling facilities to meet the first wave of electric vehicles, analysts say. Currently over 90 per cent of lead-acid batteries used in conventional gasoline cars are recycled, versus less than 5 per cent of lithium-ion batteries. An estimated 11 [million] tonnes of spent lithium-ion battery packs will be discarded between now and 2030, according to Canada-based Li-Cycle, a recycler of batteries.”

As the lithium-ion battery market continues to scale rapidly worldwide, Li-Cycle is enabling environmentally friendly and economic end-of-life handling for lithium-ion batteries. We’re on a mission to ensure that electric vehicles have a truly positive environmental impact over their entire life cycle.