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The Rochester Hub is expected to be first-of-its-kind battery resource recovery facility in North America.

Li-Cycle’s flagship facility expects to use a hydrometallurgical process and be one of the largest sources of recycled lithium carbonate in North America. The facility is expected to process up to 35,000 tonnes of black mass per year. Construction at the project is currently paused.

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About the project.

Located in Rochester, New York, the Rochester Hub expects to process black mass from Li-Cycle’s Spoke recycling facilities to produce critical battery materials and create a closed-loop battery supply chain.

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Managing our environmental footprint.

The Rochester Hub will use a sustainable hydrometallurgical process and is expected to be one of the largest and first sources of recycled lithium carbonate in North America to support the transition to clean energy.

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Commitment to safety.

Li-Cycle upholds international best practices for  health, safety, and the environment during the handling and transportation of lithium-ion battery materials. The safety of the our employees, the community and all stakeholders in the Rochester area is our top priority.

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Working within the community.

We believe that success is driven by communication and collaboration. We are committed to open and ongoing engagement with our neighbours and the Rochester community and to providing positive local benefits.


The Hub process

Producing critical battery materials.

The Rochester Hub is expected to process up to 35,000 tonnes of black mass per year and produce critical battery materials, including battery-grade lithium carbonate.

Rochester Hub in the news

Li-Cycle Announces Review of the Rochester Hub Project

Li-Cycle Announces Review of the Rochester Hub Project

Press Releases, Rochester Hub

October 23, 2023

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Li-Cycle Holdings Corp. (NYSE: LICY) (“Li-Cycle” or the “Company”), a leading global lithium-ion battery resource recovery company, today announced that it is pausing construction work on its Rochester Hub…

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Li-Cycle’s Special Event – Rochester Hub Announcement Livestream

Blogs & Podcasts, Rochester Hub

February 28, 2023

February 28, 2023

Li-Cycle Receives Conditional Commitment for $375 Million Loan from the U.S. Department of Energy ATVM Program

Press Releases, Rochester Hub

February 27, 2023

Supports Li-Cycle’s Rochester Hub, which is expected to be the first source of recycled battery-grade lithium in North America First support from DOE ATVM Program for a resource recovery facility…

Rochester Hub Location

Details to come

T: 1-877-LI-CYCLE (542-9253)
E: [email protected]

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