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June 3, 2021

Circular Economy Ep 09 – Wilson Ma (Li-Cycle and Lithium battery recycling)

Listen to our conversation with Wilson Ma VP, Corporate Development at Li-Cycle.

June 2, 2021

Original article published in Future Proof – The Road to Zero

With Lithium battery demand continuing to rise and the extraction of raw materials creating more pressure on our environment, new and lucrative opportunities are arising to re-use end-of-life batteries and battery manufacturing scrap to create less expensive and less intensive sources.

Li-Cycle can supply Lithium to the industry at a cost advantage compared to the mining industry by recuperating up to 95% of the material from old batteries and battery scrap producing new lithium battery materials.

With plans to list on the NYSE, build a third facility in Phoenix, and expand globally, Li-Cycle is aiming to become the #1 domestic supplier of cobalt and nickel sulphates.  Working with their partners they plan to grow their collection network and recover as many end of life batteries as possible to meet rising demand for batteries now and in the future.