Li-Cycle Technology™

A unique and dependable approach to solving a pressing global issue

Li-Cycle Technology™ Summary

Advanced battery recycling technology presenting a solution to a pressing global challenge

Li-Cycle’s battery recycling technology uses a combination of mechanical safe size reduction (‘Spoke’) and hydrometallurgical resource recovery (‘Hub’) specifically designed for lithium-ion battery recycling. The technology can do so with an unparalleled recovery rate of ≥95% of all materials. The two key stages of the recycling process are outlined below:

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Through the integrated development of Li-Cycle Technology™, it has been identified that the ideal fit-for-market commercialization strategy is one of decentralization – i.e. with tailored Spokes that are close to the highest volume points of consolidation of lithium-ion batteries, and centralized Hubs that are decoupled from the size reduction facilities and strategically located to take in material from multiple Spokes.

Differentiated by Design

Li-Cycle Technology™ is an environmentally friendly and scalable battery recycling process that addresses the growing global lithium-ion battery recycling challenge
Validated and scalable technology

Validated and Scalable

Li-Cycle’s commercial plant has provided important validation of Li-Cycle Technology™ as well as confirmation of its scalability to commercial level

sustainable, sustainability

Safe and Sustainable

Proprietary technology allows for safe processing of all lithium-ion batteries without any landfilled waste and minimal GHGs, thus providing a sustainable end-of-life pathway for all lithium-ion batteries

lithium, cobalt, low cost

Economically Viable

Driven by unparalleled recovery rates, Li-Cycle Technology™ is an economically viable lithium-ion resource recovery solution, enabling commercialization and supporting the global transition toward electrification

High Quality
End Products

In alignment with our core value proposition, Li-Cycle has demonstrated and produced battery-grade end-products generated through our advanced lithium-ion battery resource recovery technology

Li-Cycle Technology™ Roadmap

Li-Cycle has completed numerous stages of research and development and physical validation work streams to successfully rollout its first Commercial Spoke and Demonstration Hub in Ontario, Canada. The company is currently in the process of of building Commercial Spoke 2 in Rochester, New York and thereafter continuing to execute its commercial rollout plan in North America, Europe and Asia.

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