Li-Cycle Technology™

A unique and dependable approach to solving a pressing global issue

Li-Cycle Technology™ Summary

Li-Cycle Technology™ uses a combination of mechanical size reduction and hydrometallurgical resource recovery specifically designed for lithium-ion battery recycling. The technology can do so with an unparalleled recovery rate of 80 – 100% of all materials. The recycling process consists of two key stages:
resource recovery technology, safe size reduction, hydrometallurgical, critical materials, battery recycling, lithium, cobalt

Li-Cycle’s core business model is to build, own, and operate lithium-ion battery recycling plants tailored to regional needs.  Through the integrated development of Li-Cycle Technology™, it has been identified that the best and fit-for-market commercialization strategy is one of decentralization – i.e. with tailored size reduction plants (‘Spokes’) that are close to the highest volume points of consolidation of lithium-ion batteries, and centralized hydrometallurgical plants (‘Hubs’)  that are decoupled from the size reduction facilities.  The core benefit of this hub-and-spoke approach is the generation of a non-hazardous product close to the point of consolidation/ generation, minimizing transportation liability and cost to the greatest extent.  This decentralized strategy is reflected in the commercial rollout plan for Li-Cycle’s first commercial plant, with a planned resource recovery capacity of 5,000 tonnes of spent lithium-ion batteries/year.

Differentiated by Design

Li-Cycle Technology™ is an environmentally friendly and scalable solution that addresses the growing global lithium-ion battery recycling challenge.
Validated and scalable technology

Validated and Scalable

Li-Cycle’s demonstration plant has provided important validation of Li-Cycle Technology™ as well as confirmation of its scalability to commercial level

sustainable, sustainability

Safe and Sustainable

Proprietary technology allows for safe processing of all lithium-ion batteries without any landfilled waste and minimal GHGs, thus providing a sustainable end-of-life pathway for all lithium-ion batteries

lithium, cobalt, low cost

Economically Viable

Driven by unparalleled recovery rates, Li-Cycle Technology™ is an economically viable lithium-ion resource recovery solution, enabling commercialization and supporting the global transition toward electrification

High Quality
End Products

In alignment with our core value proposition, Li-Cycle has demonstrated and produced battery-grade end-products generated through our advanced lithium-ion battery resource recovery technology

Li-Cycle Technology™ Roadmap

recylcing technology process, commercial plant development, battery recycling, resource recovery, battery metals

Li-Cycle has completed three research and development programs/physical validation work streams to date. The company is currently operating an integrated demonstration plant and is in the progressed stages of commercial plant development.  Li-Cycle’s physical validation work streams have been premised on a ‘scale-down’ focus, i.e. scaled down relative to commercial scale.  Each scale-down stage has been focused on the validation of specific key performance indicators.

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