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June 4, 2024

Li-Cycle partners with Daimler Truck North America for EV battery recycling

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June 4, 2024

Original article published via Fastmarkets

The partnership is the latest strategic commercial relationship established by Li-Cycle in an effort to validate its safe and sustainable recycling technology, Louie Diaz, vice president of Marketing & Communications, told Fastmarkets.

Repairing, remanufacturing, repurposing and recycling lithium-ion battery materials used in DTNA EVs is part of the company’s overall commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, DTNA said in a May 20 release.

“Leveraging advanced technology, DTNA can discern when a lithium-ion battery no longer meets DTNA’s high standards required for vehicle use. This insight guides the decision on the optimal process to maximize materials for a second life, with repair taking precedence whenever possible,” DTNA said, adding that its approach “extends to all components of the EV product.”

Li-Cycle will be using its patented Spoke and Hub technologies to assist DTNA on its goal to integrate a comprehensive circular economy approach across its operations to reduce its carbon footprint.

This technology enables Li-Cycle to “safely receive and recycle all lithium-ion batteries regardless of condition, form factor and state-of-charge to produce critical battery materials. Our technology enables up to a 95% recovery rate to return critical materials back to the supply chain,” Diaz told Fastmarkets.

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