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September 6, 2021

Ep 17: Jason Muccioli – A Sustainable Future for Our Planet

Holding a plant surrounded by environment-related icons like a leaf, the recycling symbol, wind turbines and solar panels.

September 6, 2021

Original podcast published on The Liquid Lunch Project

With millions of electric vehicles set to hit the road, what will happen to the batteries when they are no longer in use? Jason saw this problem over the past few years, when luckily he found Li-Cycle working at its best to solve the issue. They are a lithium-ion battery recycling company with an innovative and sustainable approach to fulfill their purpose.

Jason Muccioli is e-Mobility Manager at Li-Cycle. He is a Product Manager with more than 11 years of experience in engineering, purchasing, and strategy with a focus on electric vehicles.

In this episode of The Liquid Lunch Project, Jason shares with Matthew and Luigi his interesting journey with a shift in his career and a lot about the industry, committed to making a cleaner planet. Jason gives every piece of information to reveal their unique approach to solving the global battery recycling problem. Tune in for yet another interesting podcast episode to make your day.