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June 23, 2023

Battery recycling is now viable in the West

June 23, 2023

Original article published via fDi Intelligence

The rush to supply minerals like lithium, cobalt and nickel for electric vehicle (EV) batteries has catapulted a once niche industry into the limelight. One company gaining attention is Li-Cycle, a Canadian lithium-ion battery recycler that is building North America’s first commercial hydrometallurgical battery resource recovery hub in Rochester, New York.

Ajay Kochhar, the company’s CEO and president, tells fDi that awareness of the EV supply chain amongst politicians and the public has “changed 180 degrees” in recent years. The mining industry used to be its “own little echo chamber”, with conferences focused on specific minerals like cobalt and lithium, according to Mr Kochhar. “Now you have original equipment manufacturers, cellmakers and other investors at the table,” he says. 

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