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January 11, 2023

Battery recycling: 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2023

Li-Cycle team member working at the Alabama Spoke

New ways to recover the crucial metals in batteries could make EVs more affordable.

January 9, 2023

Original article published via MIT Technology Review

Recycling facilities can now recover nearly all of the cobalt and nickel and over 80% of the lithium from used batteries and manufacturing scrap left over from battery production—and recyclers plan to resell those metals for a price nearly competitive with that of mined materials. Aluminum, copper, and graphite are often recovered as well. 

China leads the world in battery recycling today, dominated by subsidiaries of major battery companies like CATL. The EU recently proposed extensive recycling regulations with mandates for battery manufacturers. And companies in North America, like Redwood Materials and Li-Cycle, are quickly scaling operations, funded by billions of dollars in public and private investment. 

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