Full-service solution for recycling lithium-ion batteries.


Our Direction

Providing the support to ensure that your battery recycling experience is handled in a safe, sustainable, and economically viable manner.

Li-Cycle’s services are leading the way in ensuring that batteries are handled and recycled in the most efficient and environmentally responsible manner, with the least amount of environmental impact.

Closed Loop Resource Recovery

Industry-leading technology enabling a closed loop economy.

Plug with leaf - closed loop

Li-Cycle strives to contribute to the circular economy in a way that is both sustainable and environmentally focused.

  • checkmark All chemistries and formats of lithium-ion batteries are suitable for our technology
  • checkmark Up to 95% recycling efficiency rate to return valuable materials in lithium-ion batteries back to the supply chain  
  • checkmark No production of landfill waste during the process
Safe mechanical size reduction

Li-Cycle’s Spokes are ensuring the safe processing of fully charged Li-ion batteries of all chemistry and formats, and automatically transfer its output products into anode & cathode materials.

Secure destruction

Li-Cycle offers its customers home for the secure destruction of materials containing IP-sensitive design information, such as R&D batteries and battery materials.

Logistics Management

Point A to point B – stress free!

We work closely with a reliable network of logistics partners to support customers in transporting their batteries to our facilities.

Blue truck driving to destination

Li-Cycle provides all customers with the assurance that their battery recycling requests are consistently handled with the highest standard of care to minimize risks along the way.

  • checkmark Seamless and efficient coordination of shipments
  • checkmark Reliable network of logistics partners to support transporting batteries from around the world
  • checkmark Knowledgeable team to help customers understand packaging and documentation requirements
  • checkmark Adhere to regulatory standards set out by all governing bodies at regional and international levels
Reverse logistics and cross-border transport

Li-Cycle’s operations team is committed to facilitating the efficient shipment of batteries from customers to our facilities, including seamless transport across North America.

Damaged battery handling

Li-Cycle’s team is experienced in managing the storage and logistics of specialized containers needed for large format, high voltage batteries.

Add-on Services

Going beyond recycling and providing tailored solutions.

Battery with recycling sign - blue leaf background

Li-Cycle works closely with its customers to ensure the unique needs of their business and industry are met as it pertains to the handling of lithium-ion batteries.

  • checkmark Provide advice on packaging and support with procurement
  • checkmark Provide forward logistics and spare battery storage
  • checkmark Manage comprehensive battery replacement campaigns
  • checkmark Customize programs and services as needed
Packaging and regulatory support

Our operations team facilitates the transportation of batteries safely, supports customers with any questions they have about packaging requirements, and procures the appropriate packaging as needed.

Forward logistics and spare battery storage

Li-Cycle provides climate-controlled storage solutions and forward logistics for high voltage batteries used in a variety of applications, including electric vehicles and energy storage.

Comprehensive battery replacement campaigns

Li-Cycle provides overall project management of rolling out a replacement campaign across a network of customer outlets, including providing packaging, managing logistics and recycling.

Customized customer programs

Li-Cycle is here to support customers with their lithium-ion battery supply chain. Solutions can be jointly developed to solve critical end-of-life battery problems.


Our Market

We provide sustainable and customer-centric solutions for each of our customers’ battery recycling needs.

Battery being shredded - animated

Electric vehicles & e-mobility

The movement towards clean and sustainable transport leads major automakers to electrify their fleets. This causes the mass adoption of lithium-ion batteries, and the environmental impacts of the spent lithium-ion batteries if poorly handled. Li-Cycle works directly with our customers to provide the best tailored services while ensuring the highest environmental standards.

Lithium-ion manufacturing

According to Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, worldwide battery production is expected to exceed 1.5 TWh by 2028. With EVs and batteries productions ramping up tremendously, the production waste generates a significant cost to the manufacturers. At Li-Cycle, we help customers save and recycle scraps in the most sustainable way.

Consumer electronics

Lithium-ion batteries are an integral part of our daily lives. Anything that is cordless and/or rechargeable will likely contain a lithium-ion battery. However, the shelf life of all these consumer electronics is short, and many of these products end up in landfills even though Li-ion batteries contain valuable, non-renewable resources like nickel, cobalt, and manganese. Li-Cycle offers a revolutionary solution that enables up to a 95% recycling efficiency rate.

Energy storage

A renewable energy transition is underway and will continue to roll out over the coming years, roughly between now and 2040. One of the keys to achieving high levels of renewable energy on the grid is the ability to store electricity for use at a later time. Lithium-ion batteries (like those in cell phones and laptops) are among the fastest-growing energy storage technologies because of their high energy density, high power, and high efficiency. 
Li-Cycle is committed to supporting the exponential growth ahead in the energy storage sector, and our closed-loop solutions can provide a critical secondary source of battery grade materials to meet rising demand and supply chain pressures.