Li-Cycle Services

A full-service solution for the recycling
of lithium-ion batteries

End-to-End Services

Li-Cycle provides a full-service solution for customers
to recycle their lithium-ion batteries

Li-Cycle offers more than just lithium-ion battery recycling services. We aim to be responsive to the individual recycling needs and considerations of each one of our customers, providing the support and guidance necessary along each step of the way to ensure that your battery recycling experience is handled in a manner that is safe, efficient, professional, and economically viable.

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Logistics Management

Point A to point B – stress free!

Li-Cycle works closely with a reliable network of logistics partners to support customers in getting their batteries to our facilities. Coordination of shipments are made seamless and efficient while strictly adhering to all United Nations Transportation of Dangerous Goods regulatory standards and further guidelines set out by governing bodies in regions in which we operate. Through this strong commitment to maintaining the highest standard of safety, Li-Cycle provides all customers assurance that their battery recycling requests are consistently handled with the highest standard of care to minimize risks along the way.

Reverse Logistics and Cross Border Transport

Li-Cycle’s operations team is committed to facilitating the efficient shipment of batteries from customers to our facilities, including seamless transport between USA and Canada

Damaged Battery and Container Handling

Trained technicians handle priority processing of damaged batteries to minimize the risk associated with our customer’s most urgent needs. Li-Cycle can also manage the storage and logistics associated with the containers needed for large format, high voltage batteries.

Packaging and Regulatory Support

Shipping batteries for recycling can be something new for Li-Cycle’s customers and Li-Cycle’s operations team is here to help support their questions on packaging and regulatory requirements for moving these batteries safely and efficiently

Forward Logistics and Spare Battery Storage

Li-Cycle provides climate controlled storage solutions and forward logistics for high voltage batteries used in a variety of applications including electric vehicles and energy storage

Battery Replacement Campaign Management

Handling the complete process of a battery replacement campaign

Li-Cycle works closely with partners to ensure the safety and effectiveness of customers’ battery replacement campaigns for damaged, defective, and recalled (DDR) batteries that are hazardous and require special handling. Managing the complete process of battery replacement campaign, Li-Cycle customizes these programs to meet customers’ needs, to reduce the overall amount of administrative work on the customer end while committed to maintaining the highest standard of safety.

Coordination with individual dealerships or retail branches

Li-Cycle provides overall project management of rolling out a replacement campaign across a network of a customer’s outlets including providing packaging, managing logistics and recycling

Packaging management and safe handling of DDR batteries

Li-Cycle can support the procurement, preparation and distribution of compliant packaging for battery transportation to a network of customer outlets

Logistic management and safe handling of DDR batteries

Li-Cycle coordinates the safe packaging and transport of DDR batteries to a Li-Cycle facility with a network of customer branches

Recycling of DDR batteries

Li-Cycle takes a cautious approach to recycle DDR batteries, prioritizing them ahead of other batteries when received at a Li-Cycle facility

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Closed Loop Battery Resource Recovery

Industry-leading technology enabling a closed loop economy

Li-Cycle® strives to contribute to the circular economy in a way that is both sustainable and environmentally focused.  Li-Cycle Technology™ can recover 80-100% of all constituent materials found in lithium-ion batteries. All variations of lithium-ion batteries are suitable for Li-Cycle Technology™ and can be safely processed for reuse of critical battery materials in the lithium-ion supply chain without any production of landfilled waste.

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Secure Destruction

Ensuring your peace of mind

Li-Cycle offers its customers a home for the secure destruction of materials containing IP sensitive design information, such as R&D batteries and battery materials. Additional precautions are taken within Li-Cycle operations to help ensure the privacy of customers’ trade secrets is kept confidential. Li-Cycle’s goal is to help customers securely recycle materials from new product developments so that customers can have peace of mind.

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